why are there bankers4nature?

because we and hopefully you as well have recognized that money cannot replace nature and its
living beings. however, money remains an important mean to preserve what is left.
we also from the financial business in particulary, bear in our opinion a high level of responsibility to sustain
or even improve the current status. our children (future generations) will be thankful.

we all live in a world where economic growth became overly important. the greed for money exceeds everything ever seen and we, working in the most commercial industry, are active participants of that process. despite of that we admit that the financial world is still fascinating. it is however sometimes so far beyond real life that priorities have been set differently and the approach is no longer morally and ethically correct.

we need a balance to that and many of us find it, or were used to find it, in nature.
meadows where we were used to play as kids have been build over. housing wherever you look. back in the 70's we learned that about 6 mio people were living in switzerland. today (2015) more than 8 mio share the same limited space. all that bears a price. the so called civilisation more an more invades nature and reduces the living space for wildlife. the same pictures worldwide. more people claim more space for their cities and need therefore more space for agriculture in order to secure their food supply. initial nature disappears and along with it individual species of plants and animals. this trend is hardly stoppable.

it remains uncertain when, and if, our ecological system might reach to a critical point an eventually brake it and and collapse. humanity usually gets active very (if not too) late. similar to investors who more than often wait too long to sell.

why therefore not support organisations or projects now, who are already heading into the right direction? we need to protect more of what is left! for us, for our children and for our future generations. act now!

use our longterm initiatives as your hub to gather information and become a bankers4nature ( member. we want YOU to start this movement with us. it will give you and us a good feeling and will add another positive aspect to our lives. just lay back and do nothing is not a good option!

"what man is a man who does not make the world better"

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