your contribution

for yourself, for fellow men, for coming generations

1. inform yourself

2. identify with a project

3. commit yourself

4. convince your environment

1. inform yourself

information is the start to get involved.


more than 50% of the initial forest areas are destroyed.


forests are the air-conditioning of the earth.

2. identify with an project

identification leads to a basically positive and motivated attitude.


millions of sharks are killed just for their fins. sharks are an important component of the ecological system.


the oceans are overfished and more and more poluted. if the sharks die, the ocans die.

3. commit yourself

with a membership in an organisation you ensure your personal influence as many voices are heard better than just one. you decide how, where and when to involve yourself. important is that you do something.


traditional chinese medicine still demands for tiger bones.


an estimated population of only 3200 tigers still exists.

4. convince your environment

to also step forward with bankers4nature ( as long as we still have a choice.

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